Campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and your Website

With Woobox, you can create one campaign and run it on Facebook, Twitter, and on a website with ease. There are two main ways to do it:

1: Install a single campaign on Facebook and embed it into your website. The main issue here is that web site users will still need a Facebook account to like your page or enter (if the campaign is restricted by Facebook user).

2: Use the “Copy Campaign” function to duplicate all of your settings, and have a separate copy on Facebook and your website or to share on Twitter. We’ll be using this option here, since it lets you require different things for different audiences.

The first step is to create your campaign as normal. Whether it’s a Sweepstakes, Coupon, or UGC contest, get it set up just how you want it.

Making the copy

Reset, copy, and delete buttons

Once the campaign is set up, click Copy Campaign at the bottom of the Settings page. This lets you make a copy of the promotion with all of the same settings, but with a new URL. Make 1 or more copies depending on how many versions you need (Facebook, Website, Twitter, etc).

Now, just edit the entry requirements for each copy that you have. In most cases, one copy will have Facebook-specific settings like the fan-gate, while the second copy will have all of them disabled. You can also enable Twitter requirements in the Form Element. Note: to enable Twitter features, you’ll need to connect a Twitter account via the Business Settings section.


The advantage of this method is that you’ll have a separate shareable URL for each campaign, so you can embed one on your site, share one with Facebook users, and share another with Twitter users. Everyone can enter with their preferred social media accounts without needing anything extra.

Using this technique, you will have more than one database of entrants. This means three things:

  • You will need to merge the export files and pick a winner manually
  • Unless you manually filter them, people will be able to enter once per campaign
  • If it’s a photo contest, the photos will be separated by campaign

Choosing a Winner

To choose a winner, you can export all of the data from the Entries section of your dashboard. Merge the files into one spreadsheet, and you can use a tool like to choose a random number from the whole list.

Updated on October 18, 2021

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