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Quiz question and answer styles

In the Questions section of your Woobox Quiz, you can customize the color of the question text and background, as well as the answer boxes and their text.

Quiz questions color styles

Once you get to the Customize section, you may notice that your styling has not been applied. Don’t worry, this can be fixed with a couple of clicks!

In the Customize section, click on the Questions Element to select it.

Quiz questions element selected

With the element selected, click the Styles tab on the left.

Click the “Element Presets” drop-down and select “Default“.

Quiz questions Styles tab

Any color styling you applied in the Questions section should immediately take effect.

Quiz questions and answers with styling applied

Don’t forget to save the change!

Quiz - customize save changes button

If you are still having issues with your quiz or customizing any campaign, feel free to reach out to support@woobox.com.

Updated on May 17, 2019

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