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Create the tab

Click Facebook Tabs on the left, then choose the Pinterest Tab option.Facebook tabs - Pinterest tab

Pinterest Username

Once you’ve successfully added your Pinterest Tab, you’ll see the Edit page of the dashboard, where you’ll configure the settings for your tab to determine what content is displayed. The most important setting is the first one: the Pinterest Username whose boards/pins will be displayed in the tab.

Edit Pinterest tab 2020

How to find your Pinterest username

Simply go to Pinterest and view your profile & pins, where you can find the Pinterest Username in the URL, as shown (highlighted) in the image below. Copy that last piece of the URL (ours, for example, is woobox) and paste it into the Pinterest Username input for your tab’s settings.
Pinterest username

Pin Mode

Now that you’ve added your Pinterest Username, you can choose to display all your Pin boards, or Pins from a specific board.

Show All Pin Boards:
If you choose to display all of the boards from your profile by default, it will be as if viewers were landing on your main Pinterest Profile page. The boards can then be clicked through to view the pins on each individual board within the tab.
Show all pin boards
Show Pins from Pin Board
If you choose to display pins from an individual board, viewers will first land on a view of the board you specify and its pins; similar to viewing an individual board on Pinterest. The viewer will still be able to click back to the “profile” view in the header of the tab, which would show them all of your boards (or they can click through to Pinterest and view all of your pins/boards there).

Setting this option up takes one additional step beyond the first option, as you need to specify which board you’d like to display by default in the tab. To do this, you’ll just need to input the direct URL to the board of your choice.
Show pins from board
How to Find the Board URL
Go to the board you’d like to display by default, and simply copy the URL (as shown by the highlighted portion of the image below), then paste it into the Board URL input for your tab’s settings.
Find board URL
Board URL field

Now, you can click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page.

Updated on October 19, 2021

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