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“Answer Sheets” in Trivia Quizzes

When you create a quiz and choose trivia, you can create a right-and-wrong format. After someone enters, they will get a customized result, as well as see how many questions they got correct (ie: You got 8 out of 15 correct!) but at this time we do not show what questions they got correct, nor what the right answers were.

Here are a couple of ways to show your users the correct answers.

In the Customize section of your campaign’s post entry page, add a graphic created by you or your team as an image (you could even use the Canvas element). When you add content in the Customize section, it will appear on all post-entry pages to all users, the only change would be the element which displays their specific result.

Answer sheet for trivia quiz

The other option available would be to add text elements and just add the text manually. This works best for quizzes with less questions, as it could be tedious. In the example below I added 3 “title” elements, each containing an answer.

Quiz answer sheet option 2

Updated on June 13, 2019

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