Mobile Access

Facebook hides third-party Page tabs from mobile users, but the tab content can still be accessed outside of Facebook using the shareable URL we provide. You can share this URL anywhere (e.g. in a Facebook post, Facebook ad, Tweet, etc) and users can click on the URL to view the content on a mobile-compatible web version that we host.

Mobile access for Woobox campaigns

For Woobox campaigns, you can just use the Shareable URL (, which will automatically redirect mobile users to a mobile-enabled web version of the campaign. You can easily copy the shareable URL from the Overview page of the dashboard:

Shareable URL Overview page 2020

*Static tabs such as custom HTML tabs cannot be accessed on mobile. For mobile access to website or custom HTML content, use a Landing Page or other campaign/experience type.

Note for Photo/UGC Contest entries via mobile device

The ability to submit entries to a Photo Contest depends on whether or not the user’s mobile browser/device supports the file upload input type.

You can, however, enable Hashtag Entry for your UGC Contest, which will allow users to enter the contest from mobile (and non-mobile) simply by Tweeting an image with a specified hashtag, and/or posting a photo to Instagram or your Facebook Page with a specified hashtag.
Require multiple hashtags

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Updated on September 17, 2020

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