Making a Campaign Visible on Facebook

Once you have completed setting up your campaign, you may want to add it as a tab on your Facebook page.

To do this, simply follow these steps.

This is visible to those viewing your Facebook page on non-mobile devices (more about mobile).

How To Install a Campaign Tab

For updated experience types (Sweepstakes, UGC Contests, Polls, etc.): Click Install on Facebook from the Overview page. 

Install on Facebook button

Then click Install Tab in the panel.

Install Facebook tab panel


For previous version campaigns: Click Facebook Page Tab in the Publish section.

Publish - install Facebook tab

Click the Install Tab button to finish installing the tab on your page.

Tab name and Install Tab button


IMPORTANT NOTE: When promoting and sharing your campaign, always use the Woobox Shareable URL. The format of the URL looks like this: – you will find this in the Campaigns dashboard and while managing the offers you have created.  It’s important to use this URL because it directs mobile users to the mobile version.  This is critical given Facebook does not support viewing page tabs on mobile devices such as iPhones or Android phones.

Redirecting Campaign URL to Facebook Tab

Redirecting the campaign URL to the tab is not automatic. When you install the tab, shares of the campaign will automatically direct to the default landing page. To change this setting, click Preview on the Overview page.

Preview link selected

In the panel that opens, click Enable Redirect and select Facebook Tab, then click “Save”.

Preview - redirect to Facebook tab


For previous version campaigns, go to Embed while managing your campaign. Then choose Facebook Tab and save your changes.

Publish -Embed

Redirect to Facebook tab

Renaming the tab

For Facebook Classic mode only: When you install your tab, it will be titled “Campaigns”. To rename the tab, go to your Facebook page’s Settings, then Templates and Tabs section. You can also re-order your page’s tabs from here.

Facebook page - templates and tabs section

Rename Facebook tab modal

Updated on September 17, 2020

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