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Instagram Connection not Updating

Are you experiencing issues connecting your business Instagram account? It’s either an old account or keeps updating to your personal profile? No problem, this is an easy fix!

You’ll first need to go to http://instagram.com

Once you’re on Instagram’s website, you’ll probably notice the account you’re logged into is your personal account (or an account you don’t want linked). Log-out of Instagram. Now log right back in but using the log-in details for your business account.

Lastly, go back to your Woobox Business Settings section and to External Connections: http://admin.woobox.com/manage/businesses/connection and click on “Update Instagram Username”.

External connections - update Instagram username

That should fix the issue.

Still not working?

Go to the Tab Settings section of your Instagram Static Tab in Woobox and click “SAVE”.

Other troubleshooting options: use another browser or clear your cache and cookies (be sure to always check what Instagram account that browser is logged into before attempting to update the Instagram Username). Or go to the tab directly on Facebook and at the bottom click “refresh cache”.

Updated on October 26, 2018

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