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Bonus Entries for visiting a partner’s Facebook page

Working with a partner or sponsor company for your next campaign? You can award Bonus Entries to users for visiting a partner’s Facebook page. The partner can also enable a fan-gate page on the tab to help grow their page Likes. Setting up a Partner Tab is easy:

(Currently available in UGC Contests, Sweepstakes, Pin to Wins, and Brackets) First, go to Advanced -> Bonus Entries under the Set Up tab:

Advanced - bonus entries 2019

On the Bonus Entry Methods screen, click the green “Add” button on the right side of the Partner Codes row:

Add partner code

On the next screen, enter the partner’s Facebook page URL into the empty field (it’s best to copy the entire URL from your browser’s address bar):

*Here you can choose to offer between 1 and 5 bonus entries and customize the messages and submit button that will appear on the campaign’s post-entry page.

Partner code bonus entry setup

Now you will need to send an admin of the partner page the link from the Bonus Entry Methods screen: http://woobox.com/install/partnertab.

When the partner clicks the link, this is the page they will see:

Install partner tab

When the partner tab is set up, the bonus entry opportunity on your campaign’s post entry page will look like this (the blue text is the clickable hyper-link to the partner page):

Bonus entry partner page link

After the Fan-gate page, the entrant will see the code in the tab (note: the green admin bar at the top of the tab is only visible to admins):

Partner bonus code

The entrant will return to the promotion and enter the code for their bonus entries.

Entering partner code

After entering:

After redeeming partner code

Now the entrant has a better chance of winning and you have increased traffic and Likes to your Partner’s page! The Partner Tab can also be used in conjunction with the standard referral Bonus Entry method.

Updated on August 12, 2019

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