WooBox closing X not in the popup box

Dan Hoke Mar 02, 2017 11:44AM PST

I am having a problem where the X to close the woobox popup isn't visible or accessible to users.

Sample here: http://liftopiablog.staging.wpengine.com/snow-popup-test/

I can see where to update the CSS to address this, but since it's imported by your shortcode, and in an iframe, I don't think I can fix it.

You can see the <span>X</span> in the inspector showing that it's present. If you adjust the style (again in the inspector) to:

.woobox-offer.popup>.closer>span {
margin: 134px 22px 0 0;

then the X moves back where it needs to be. Does this make sense?

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Aaron Mar 03, 2017 11:55AM PST Woobox Agent

Hello Dan,

Yes, it does appear that the heading on your site is overlapping the embed code. The Css as you have mentioned does fix this issue and is a great fix that you can implement to your promotion.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Thank you for contacting Woobox support!


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