Rewards, Deals, Group Deals, etc

Diane Potter Jan 18, 2017 09:26AM PST

What is the difference between rewards and deals, they seem the same. Also, is group deals like Groupon? There wasn't a ton of explanations on how to use these things unless I've just not found it. The technical instructions are helpful, but I'd like more information on how to use these tools in everyday uses.

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Elle Jan 18, 2017 12:41PM PST Woobox Agent

Great question! And I apologize that our site wasn’t clearer on that.

The Rewards App is where you can choose to set up a guest list of users who can submit their email and receive a reward. Only those on the “guest list” can submit through. That setting is optional, and if left off, it’s a pretty standard app. Just allows you to set up a voucher type offer that is a “reward”. Pretty similar to a coupon app in that sense.

The Deals App is very much like Groupon, where a user purchases (through paypal) a deal. Such as, for $10 get $20 in product, for an example.

The Group Deals is similar to the Deals App, because users would pay (through paypal as well) to purchase the deal, however, there would be a tipping point for them to receive their deal. This is usually used for a better type of deal, but users would purchase, and if a certain amount of people buy, then everyone gets the deal.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.


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