Managing Coupon Redemptions

Last Updated: Feb 28, 2017 04:59PM PST

Woobox can automatically distribute a new coupon for every customer that obtains a voucher through the Coupons app. You can configure the app to limit users to one coupon voucher per email address, email address per day, Facebook user, Facebook user per day, or Twitter user.


QR Code

If you want people to bring their coupons into your store in order to get a discount, then configuring the app to automatically generate a random voucher code for each user is the best option. Woobox provides unique QR codes along with all coupon vouchers, so redeeming a coupon and checking on its status is simple. As long as your cashier has a QR scanner available, you will be able to redeem coupons in-store in seconds. You can use any QR scanner including the free QR Reader for iPhone and Android.

When you scan the code, it will automatically be redeemed. If the coupon has already been used, you won't be able to redeem it again. It will also show you the time it was redeemed, ensuring that fans only use their coupon once.

If a user brings in a mobile device, and you want to redeem it without scanning, you can click on the image of the QR code and a button that says "redeem" will appear. You can click that to redeem it as well, rather than scanning it.

To prevent accidental redemption of the coupon by customers, you can also create a redemption PIN. This number does not necessarily need to be kept secret because it does not let customers reset their coupon. The only reason we have it is so customers do not scan their own coupon and make it appear used. You would set this PIN up in your Business Settings.

You can also redeem coupons while logged into Woobox as an admin. When managing your offer, on the left sidebar you will have an option labeled "Redeem". You can plug in a coupon code and redeem it there. The only users who have access to this tool would be admins of Woobox, and yes, they do need to be logged in to redeem it online.

Bar Code

When using point of sales systems at retail stores, you will need to create a barcode or Universal Product Code (UPC) for your coupon voucher redemptions. There are no QR code readers available at the check stand for most major retailers, so if you are a manufacturer, you will need to create a barcode or UPC that directly integrates with point of sales systems for your retailer. When using barcodes, all of the data structures follow the global GS1 specifications for your product and price, which is based on international standards. This means that there is not a way to limit users to one use per barcode because all of the numbers will always be the same. You can certainly include text on the coupon informing the retailer of any restrictions, such as one coupon per visit, but it is up to the retailer to enforce it.

Online Stores

Online store owners will want to contact support for their specific ecommerce platform. Generally, your ecommerce store will give you a list of valid coupon codes to be used with your shopping cart. Single-use coupon codes should work on all of the top online shopping storefronts, so it is just a matter of finding out how to get the codes.

Once you obtain a list of valid coupon codes from your platform provider, you can import them to Woobox using the Custom Codes option. You can simply paste the list of codes in a text box, one code per line, or upload a text file, one code per line, to have them distributed by our system to your customers.