Troubleshooting User Issues with Photo Contest

Last Updated: Dec 11, 2014 03:53PM PST

There are many possible reasons your users could be having an issue, so here we go over the most common entry issues and voting issues.

The most common troubleshooting steps are as follows:

  • Try clearing the cache and cookies in the browser
  • Try a different web browser entirely
  • Temporarily disable any anti-virus, firewall, anti-tracking software, cookie blockers, pop-up blockers, or other such software on your computer.
  • Try again on a completely different computer to ensure there is no OS issue
  • Try a computer on a different network, i.e. bringing your laptop to a different business, home, or public WIFI hotspot. 
  • Make sure you are on a Desktop device, as many phones and tablets have issues uploading files or displaying HTML properly. This includes many versions of iOS and Android.
  • Make sure users are authorizing the application when they enter (if they haven’t done so previously), because if they click “Cancel” on that app authorization dialog popup (when asked to allow access by the app to their Facebook account’s basic info), their entry will be cancelled.

If none of these seem to fix the issue, or if only one computer/browser is available, there are a few other ways to get a photo in the contest.

You can enable External Entry Methods for your Photo Contest, which will allow users to enter the contest from mobile (and non-mobile) simply by Tweeting an image with a specified hashtag, and/or posting a photo to Instagram with a specified hashtag.  This is also a way you could manually enter photos for someone who wasn’t able to enter themselves.

You can also manually enter user photos by either changing the contest to allow multiple entries per person temporarily (via the Edit > Entry Page section of your offer dashboard), and then entering the photo yourself.

If a user still has issues voting, there are a few more things to try:

  • Make sure that the user is actually clicking on the VOTE button within the offer to vote for a photo, and not simply clicking the “Like” button for the photo submission.
  • Make sure the user has not already voted for the specific photo.  If a vote has already been cast by that Facebook User (or that IP Address, depending on how you’ve set up your contest), the VOTE button will show up as a green box with a checkmark in it, and they won’t be able to vote for that individual photo again.
  • If your contest is set up to limit voting based on Facebook User, you can make sure the user’s votes have, in fact, not been counted by downloading your Vote Export file (from the Winners page of your offer dashboard), and checking for the Facebook users’ name/ID in the file, which is a full list of the votes that have been registered for your contest.
  • If you determine (from the Vote Export file) that the user’s vote(s) have not been counted, make sure that the user has authorized the Photo Contest application.  This step would need to be completed when they cast a vote (assuming they haven’t authorized the app in the past), at which point they’ll see an App Auth Dialog popup, which will prompt them to allow the Photo Contest app to have access to their Facebook Account’s basic info.  If they click “Cancel” in this popup dialog, their vote will not be counted.
  • If the user is not seeing the app authorization dialog popup at all, make sure they don’t have some sort of browser settings that would be blocking third-party apps/cookies; and that they don’t have a Facebook Disconnect extension installed for their browser (or any type of Facebook Connect blocking extension), as this would prevent the app authorization altogether.