Mobile Access for Campaigns & Tabs

Last Updated: Apr 25, 2017 04:26PM PDT

Mobile Access for Woobox Promotions

For Woobox campaigns, you can just use the promotion's shareable URL (, which will automatically redirect mobile users to a mobile-enabled web version of the campaign, and non-mobile users will go to the Page tab if you have it installed. You can read more about this feature in our blog post.  You can easily copy the shareable URL from the Overview page of the dashboard, as indicated in the screenshot below.

Additionally, you can post the campaign link directly from your offer dashboard via the Promote section, which can be easily accessed from the Overview page of the dashboard, just by clicking the Promote button. Not only can you post the link from the Promote section of the dashboard, it also allows you to target the post to specific fan demographics.

Mobile Access for Custom Tabs

To make the HTML Fangate (Static IFRAME) tabs accessible by mobile users, just make sure you post/use the Shareable Tab URL ( provided in the Edit page of your tab dashboard (where you'd normally go to edit the tab content). This will allow mobile users to see the tab content when they click on the link. *Note that this is a paid feature of Woobox and must be enabled using the "Mobile access" button. All of our paid plans include access to all of our applications, including contests, coupons, and our ads tools.

Facebook doesn't currently show third-party tabs/apps on Pages to mobile viewers, so they won't be able to see the tab image from your Timeline, but using the short URL for your campaigns or tabs whenever you want to link to it (e.g., in a status/post or Facebook Ad, from Twitter, etc.) that will allow them to actually access the content.

Additional Note for Photo Contest Entries via Mobile Device

If the user is trying to enter from a mobile device, this could be causing problems as well, because the ability to submit entries to a Photo Contest depends whether or not the user’s mobile browser/device supports the file upload input type. 

You can, however, enable External Entry Methods for your Photo Contest, which will allow users to enter the contest from mobile (and non-mobile) simply by Tweeting an image with a specified hashtag, and/or posting a photo to Instagram with a specified hashtag. This is also a way you could manually enter photos for someone who wasn’t able to enter themselves.