How to Create Rewards

Last Updated: May 16, 2017 04:14PM PDT
First, click "Create A New Offer" and select Reward.

You'll be taken to the Edit tab to choose the general settings for your Reward. Set up your title, instructions, entry restrictions, voucher options, and if the entrants must be on the "Guest List". You can also enable the Fangate page here. Choose how long your Reward will run, how many vouchers are available, how many vouchers a user can redeem, and how old a user needs to be to participate. You can also setup how vouchers will work and when they will expire.

At the bottom, you may also notice the "Admin-only mode" switch. Leave your promotion in admin-only mode until you are ready for it to go live. Click "Save."


Reward edit page

You can further customize what your deal page looks like by clicking on the Customize tab. On this page, you can upload images for your offer's pages, or code them with HTML. After your content looks the way you want, you can also opt to change the way the buttons look by clicking Advanced, then Buttons.

Now, let's click on Form Fields. This is where you can choose what data you want to collect from a user in order for them to participate. There are many fields in the dropdown menu to choose from, and they are all customizable. Under Advanced ->Facebook Auth Dialog, you'll see options that will require Facebook Authorization Dialog (if you have enabled any). This means users will be prompted by Facebook to give permission in order to share their data (you can also access this section by clicking on this button from the Overview screen):
Facebook Auth Dialog

To add Twitter usernames or email addresses to the Guest List, click Advanced, then Guest List:
Rewards - Guest List


Finally, you'll need to click Facebook Page Tab, where you'll choose your tab name and install the tab. 

Your Reward is ready to go! You can take your promotion out of admin-only mode in the Edit section and start collecting entries. You do have additional options you can play with under the Language, Sharing, and Customize tabs, but this is enough to get you started. 

You can also enable Automatic Email Sending (this will send the entrant a link to their voucher) in the Emails section.