How to Create a Pin to Win Contest

Last Updated: Dec 16, 2014 02:42PM PST

First, click "Create A New Offer" and select Pin to Win.

You'll be taken to the Edit tab to choose the general settings of your Pin to Win promotion. Set up your title, instructions, and copy/paste the link to your rules and restrictions page. This section allows you to decide whether or not to put up a Fan Gate, how long your contest will run, how many times a user can enter your contest, how they can earn bonus entries, and how old a voter needs to be.

At the bottom, you may also notice the "Admin-only mode" checkbox. Leave your promotion in admin-only mode until you are ready for it to go live. Click "Save Changes."

You can further customize your promotion by clicking on the "Customize" tab. On this page, you can upload an image for your Fan Gate, Entry and Post-Entry pages, and more, as well as the rules for your contest. After your content look the way you want, you can also opt to change the way the buttons look by clicking on the "Buttons" tab.

Now, let's click on Form Fields. This is where you can choose what data you want from a user in order for them to participate. There are many fields in the dropdown menu to choose from, but with a checkbox or text field, you can customize it to say whatever you need it to. Underneath standard choices, you'll see options that will require Facebook Authorization Dialog. This means users will be prompted by Facebook to give permission in order to share their data. 

Next, under Pins, upload or link the pins you would like to include.

Finally, you'll need to click Facebook Page Tab, where you'll choose your tab name and image. 

Your Pin to Win promotion is ready to go! You can take your promotion out of admin-only mode in the "Edit" tab and start collecting votes. You do have additional options you can play with under the Language, Sharing, and Customize tabs, but this is enough to get you started. Happy pinning!