How to Create a Video Contest

Last Updated: Dec 30, 2016 01:09PM PST

To create a video contest, click "Create a New Offer" and select "Video Contest."

Set your title and description (required, but can be changed/updated in the Customize section at a later point). Also choose your dates for accepting entries. You will have a chance in a moment to choose gallery dates as well, the entry dates are just for when users can submit their entry.

Next, choose the entry methods you would like to implement. You can choose all of these options or pick and choose what you'd prefer. For the Form Entry method you'll have the ability to choose to restrict how often a user can enter.


Lastly you can turn on a gallery. If you choose to have a gallery, it will allow you to choose dates - you can have it start at a later time or end at a later time than the entry period, and so on. There are also options for voting, you can leave voting off or turn it on.

If you're on a free account, you can continue and leave it in Admin-Only (A great way to test the offer before purchasing). Once you continue you'll have a left sidebar menu that populates for you to manage the rest of your promotion.

You can customize your video contest by clicking on the "Customize" tab. On this page, you can build the look and feel of your promotion. You can select the "Add Component" button in the upper left hand corner to add any images or content. Also, you can hover your mouse over any component on the page like the entry form and select edit to manage that component and change its options. This is how you will add from fields to your form and update any content. You can also, select the painters pallet in the upper left hand corner to change any of the font, or colors about the promotion. 


In the Customize section, click "edit" on the Form Fields component to choose which video-hosting platforms you will accept entries from:

Field edit

Accepted video platforms

Finally, if you'd like it installed to Facebook you will just need to click Facebook Page Tab, where you'll choose your tab name and image.

Your Video Contest is ready to go! You can take your promotion out of admin-only mode in the "Edit" tab and start collecting submissions and votes. You do have additional options you can play with under the Language, Sharing, and Customize tabs, but this is enough to get you started. 

To manage your video entries, click "Submissions" where you can enable "Auto-Approve" or moderate photos as they come in.