How To Create A Photo Contest

Last Updated: May 15, 2017 01:00PM PDT

To create a photo contest, click "Create New Offer" and select "Photo Contest."

Set your title, description, and copy/paste a link to your rules and restrictions. Choose your entry start and end dates and then choose how users can enter your contest. If you do choose to allow form entry, you'll set it up on a different page, so don't worry about that yet! You can also choose if you will award bonus entries for viral sharing.

Scroll down, and you'll see even more options. Choose if you'd like to enable hashtag entry into your contest. (Note: Photos posted by users with private profiles will not show up or be entered.) You can also allow text only entries if you like. The gallery is where and how users view and vote on the photos entered in your contest. Right now, your promotion is in admin-only mode, which means only you can see it. Leave it in admin-mode until you're ready to launch your promotion. Save your promotion before moving on.


Note: In a UGC Contest, you will also see an Allowed Content area where you can choose what type of content will be accepted in your campaign. Allowed content

After choosing your entry methods, you can further customize your photo contest by clicking on the "Customize" tab. On this page, you can build the look and feel of your promotion. You can select Elements in the left navigation to add any images and content. Also, you can click any element on the page like the entry form to manage that component and change its options. This is how you will add form fields to your form and update any content. You can also select Styles to change any of the font, images or colors of the promotion. 
Customize gallery element

If you want to host the offer on Facebook, you'll need to click Facebook Page Tab, where you'll choose your tab name and install the tab to your page.

Your Photo Contest is ready to go! You can take your promotion out of admin-only mode from the Edit section and start collecting submissions and votes. You do have additional options you can play with under the Language, Sharing, and Customize tabs, but this is enough to get you started. 

To manage your photo entries, click "Submissions" where you can enable "Auto-Approve" or moderate photos as they come in. 
Submissions section