How To: Create a Poll Post

Last Updated: Dec 15, 2014 02:57PM PST

We’ve just launched a whole new type of app; unlike any of our other available tools, while also drawing from features of both our Posts tool and our Polls offer app. The Poll Post app allows you to create a live poll that will be entirely hosted and run on your Facebook Business Page’s Timeline. This blog post aims to help you understand how to get started creating your very first Poll Post.

1) Creating Your Poll Post

Go to, and click the big green “Create Poll Post” button (see image below).


2) Initial Setup

    1. Select a Color Palette
    2. Select a Template to use for the poll layout
    3. Input the Title and Options to be used for your poll post.
      • The Title is typically going to be the question you’re asking in the poll.
      • The Options are going to be the individual hashtag terms you’d like to use for voting in the poll.


3) Customize the Individual Option Colors

You can change the colors used for each option, as well as the color of the title text. For the option colors, you’ll have the chance to specify a different color to be used for the label, “on” (fill) color, as well as the “off” color (background of the fill area).

    1. Click on the “droplet” icon in the nav bar of the settings panel.
    2. Input custom colors for each item you’d like to change in the Poll Post. These colors can be input as HEX values (e.g., black = #000000) or as RGBA values (e.g., black = rgba(0,0,0,1)), or you can even just use the color picker tool that pops up when you click on a color input area; it’s really up to you.


4) Customize the Background

You can also change the background color (1) for the poll post, or even upload an image (2) to use for the background.


5) Preview and Publish!

You’re all done with the setup (yeah, it’s that simple); so now you can just preview what the poll post will look like and publish it to your timeline!

  1. Click on the icon indicated in the image below to preview your Poll Post at the size it’ll be when viewed within Facebook (either from the News Feed or within your Timeline), which is 540 pixels wide.
  2. Select the option to Publish to Timeline, and input whatever text you’d like to use to accompy your Poll Post image (this will be the text that’s shown with the posted image on Facebook).
  3. Click Save to publish the Poll Post to your Facebook Timeline!


6) Check out the Poll Post on Facebook

Just one final check to see how it looks on your actual Timeline, as well as a chance to promote the post, pin it to the top of your Timeline for increased visibility, etc.



We’re pretty stoked about this new tool, and hope you feel the same way. As always, we’d love to hear what you’re doing with your Poll Posts, what ideas you have for use, and any other feedback you’d like to share with us!