How To Create A Poll

Last Updated: Mar 15, 2017 10:57AM PDT
First, click "Create A New Offer" and select Poll.

You'll be taken to the Edit tab to choose the general settings of your poll. Set up your title, instructions, and copy/paste the link to your rules and restrictions page. This section allows you to decide how long your contest will run, how many times a user can vote in your contest, and choose how old a voter needs to be. At the bottom, you may also notice the "Admin-only mode" checkbox. Leave your promotion in admin-only mode until you are ready for it to go live. Click "Save Changes."

From here, we are taken to the "Customize" tab, where we will input what our fans can vote on. You can do this by hover of the poll images and selecting"edit" that appears in the upper right hand corner of those poll choices. Note: there is no limitation on poll choices. 

After setting up your vote choices, you can further customize your poll by clicking on the "Add Component" button in the upper left hand corer of your "Customize" page to add other content to the page. Also, on this page you can edit your form by hovering over and selecting "edit" in the upper left hand corner of that component. From there you can fully customize your form. You can also help style the page by clicking on the painter palette in the upper left hand corner to change any font colors or background colors you might want. 

Finally, you'll need to click Facebook Page Tab, where you'll choose your tab name and image. 

Your Poll is ready to go! You can take your promotion out of admin-only mode in the "Edit" tab and start collecting votes. You do have additional options you can play with under the Language, Sharing, and Customize tabs, but this is enough to get you started. Happy voting!