Coupons App Setup Guide

Last Updated: Dec 22, 2017 04:26PM PST

This guide will help you create a coupon that works for your brand. Use this if you want users to get a coupon code, then redeem it either in-store or online.

Initial Setup

1. Write a title and description

Tell us what your coupon is for! 

2. Choose your settings

You can give your offer a start and end date, choose to allow only one voucher per email address or Facebook user, restrict the number of coupons available, and more.

3. Choose your voucher settings

Set an expiration date for your coupon and decide what redemption code option you want to use.

For an online redemption coupon, there are 3 options:

  • "Upload a list of custom codes" - if you want to make sure each person gets a unique, one-time use code that you have created in advance.
  • "Use same code for all vouchers" - if you want everyone to have the exact same code to redeem, for example "FREESHIP" or "FACEBOOK20"
  • "Automatically generate codes" - if you don't want to deal with creating codes yourself but you want everyone to have a one-time-use code.

With that done, click Save.

Customize -
Add your Creative Content, Form and Share Dialogue

All of the creative content is managed by the administrators of the contest (you), but once you have your images and text all ready to go, adding it into the app is actually quick and easy. We have an article in our Support Center dedicated to image specifications. Check it out here.

Now that your creative content is all ready to go, click Customize in the campaign's left navigation.

On your left sidebar, while in the Customize section, you'll have options to toggle between different pages of your offer. Once you choose a page, you can customize each one. Here are the different pages available in a coupon.


If your contest is configured to start in the future, all users that access the promotion will be directed to the Pre-Start Page. Most admins use the default, "Please check back later. The promotion you are trying to access hasn't started yet", because often times offers are not promoted until they are ready to accept entries, so users generally never actually see the Pre-Start Page.


When you enable the Fangate, you can ask users to first like your Facebook Business Page before entering the promotion. Users will either like the page or click Continue to proceed. You can customize the Fangate image by adding an Images, and so forth.


The entry page is where users will see any information pertaining to your offer as well as the form in which they'll need to fill out in order to receive their coupon. You can click the Form element to edit and/or add more form field options.

Coupon form edit

Add Form Field


This is where users will see the coupon you are offering, you can click the Voucher element to change the view and customizations, including using the Styles section to show a QR Code.
*Note: The QR code is used for marking the voucher as "redeemed" within the offer so it cannot be used again, not for applying a discount at the point of sale.

Voucher Expired

The page users will see if their voucher has expired.


Ended page is when your offer has ended, based on your ended dates in your edit section. If you offer is still "public" but has ended, they'll see this page.


Once you've selected a page to customize, you have a variety of options on the left side. Elements allows you to add images, text, videos, and more.

Styles allows you to set the default font, font color, and link color for the entire, and more.

The BGROUND tab is where you can customize campaign and element backgrounds.
Backgrounds tab
The code option would allow you to add CSS, or if you're on a Growth Plan or higher, Javascript as well.

To access the other settings of your offer, just click "Exit" at the top of your customize section, and you'll see the left sidebar with entire offer settings appear.
Install Facebook Tab

If you want the offer to show up on Facebook, click Facebook Page Tab on the left side of your offer dashboard. From there, click Install Tab. You can also customize the name, however Facebook recently updated their business pages and removed the "apps box" from pages. Which means the upload photo option when installing a tab is no longer necessary. *We will be removing it soon.

Previewing the Promotion

Now we just want to check out the coupon to make sure it looks just like you want. To do this, click on your shareable offer URL and run through the app as a user would. Your unique shareable offer URL will show up in the left-hand menu above the Overview option.

Reveal to Non-Admins

First, we'll need to disable "admin only mode" so that all of your fans will be able to see it. To do that, go to the Edit page of your dashboard. Click the On/Off toggle switch at the bottom of the page that says "admin only mode" and save. Note: You will need a paid subscription to perform this step.

Post to Facebook

Now that the tab's installed, it's time to post this to Facebook so your fans can see it and start sharing. Click Promote on the left-hand side of your dashboard. You may have to give additional Facebook permissions if this is your first time. From there, add in a custom comment at the top and click Share to post it on your Facebook page. Alternatively, you can copy the shareable offer URL and paste it into a Facebook post - don't forget to customize the share image and dialogue in the Sharing section of your offer.

With these steps, you'll have yourself a fully functioning online coupon!

Advanced Configuration

Unique One-Time Use Codes

If your e-commerce platform supports unique, one-time use codes, you can integrate them into our app easily. Just go to the Edit page of your dashboard and set "Use redemption codes" to "Upload a list of custom codes" and Save.

Then, click Custom Codes on the left-hand side and paste in a full list of custom codes for our app to distribute. The system will automatically limit the number of coupons given out to how many you upload, so if you upload 500 codes, only 500 will be given out. You can also come back to add more later at any time. When all the coupons are gone, users will be taken to the Ended Page.