Creating a New Offer: The Customize Page

Last Updated: Mar 20, 2015 03:26PM PDT

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If you would like to customize your promotion’s flow and appearance beyond the Woobox default options you may do so on the Customize page. Using images or HTML you can create a custom promotion that will look professional and/or consistent with your other marketing assets. Using images is a simple way to configure your promotion but if more customization is need than HTML can be used.

There are Content Options for each page of the promotion process giving you flexibility for how you want to insert content. Some have more options than others, but in each case, the options have the same general definition.

Default - This setting utilizes the standard page setup, including the offer Title, Description, and Restrictions. For some promotion types, you have the option to add an image to the default layout. If you upload the image, it will be placed on the page along with the offer information.

Image This setting allows you to upload an image to show predominantly on the page accompanied by any required page elements (e.g. the form on the entry page, voucher information on the voucher page, etc.). Note: The Title, Description and Restriction information will not be displayed with this option.

HTML This setting provides you the most control of content by building the page out of HTML, Javascript and/or CSS of your choosing. By default the editor is set to “Source Mode” in which you can hand-code the HTML/CSS/Javascript directly.  Alternatively, you can use the editor tools to build the page in a “Visual Mode”.

You may also specify if your HTML should be fixed or fluid width.  Fixed width is less multi-device friendly given the page width is always the same.  Fluid width forces your HTML to be "responsive" expanding or contracting based on the screen width of your entrant’s device.  These Modes can be selected via the HTML Display Mode setting. These options apply to all pages utilizing custom HTML.

To switch between these options you can click the options on the right of each page box.

The Entry Page is where an entrant participates in the promotion by providing and submitting the information you’ve requested.

The Post Entry Page is what an entrant sees after entering your Promotion. Optionally, this is where you can choose to include an automatic pop-up Share dialogue box encouraging entrants to post the Promotion on their wall. From the entrant’s perspective, this page includes record of their entries with individual ticket numbers for each time they were entered in your Promotion. If you have Bonus Entries/Likes enabled, this entries list will display a count of their bonus entries.

The Pre-Start Page is displayed before your promotion has started (i.e. before the start date of your promotion).

The Ended Page is what is displayed when your promotion has ended (i.e. after the end date of your promotion).

Rules are where you specify acceptable ways an entrant participates in your promotion. This may include legal language and can be thought of as the "small print."

Display mode settings are applicable if you have decided to use custom HTML.  The Fluid setting adjusts display of content based on a user's screen size.  The Fixed setting, does not adjust or re-size - it's static.

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