Uploading to Photo Contest from the Back-End

Last Updated: Dec 11, 2014 03:59PM PST

Every business owner with a Facebook page eventually runs into a user who simply does not and will not have a Facebook account. Naturally, they may still want to enter your photo contest. Woobox gives you an easy way to upload any picture they send to you via email, Skype, or any other method.

To get started, simply log in and go to the settings for the photo contest in question. Click Submissions on the left-hand sidebar, then click Add a Submission in the top-right corner.

Here you can choose the file to upload and optionally add the name of the uploader and a photo caption. Once the photo has been submitted, you may still need to Approve it if you have image moderation turned on.

And that's it! Now your photo contest can be accessible to users without Facebook.