How to Setup an HTML FanGate Tab - Free!

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2018 01:31PM PDT

Notice: As of 02/2018, pages with less than 2,000 likes cannot install HTML fangate tabs.

It's easy to setup a free Facebook FanGate tab with Woobox!

You can setup custom tabs for your Facebook Page using our free HTML FanGate Tab app, which will allow you to add as many tabs as you'd like to as many pages as you'd like. Sounds great, right? And you can do it just a few simple steps.

1. Signup for a free account with

2. Install the tab app to your page

Go to the Static Tabs section of your Woobox account dashboard and select the HTML FanGate Tab option from the Create a New Tab dropdown menu.

3. Edit your settings

Once you've added the new tab, you'll be able to add whatever content you'd like to display. 

  • Page Source - This is your main tab content. Plug in your own HTML, images, and more here.
  • Fan-Gate Settings - Choose which data you'll be asking for.
  • Form-gate - Want your users to fill an HTML form? Put it here. 

4. Change your tab settings

Customize your image and the tab's title here.

5. Change your share settings

Want custom sharing options? It's all here. 

6. Get the data

With a full stats tab, you'll easily able to track your campaign and export the data when you're done.

P.S. Want to get extra reach with your FanGate tab? Make sure your mobile users can it by enabling mobile here.