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Voting once per gallery

Hello, Is it possible to have photo contest with option to vote only for one photo per gallery. So basically we'd like it to work as a poll, but without displaying the results page like the poll does. Thank you, Irina.

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CSS Customization

What is the method use to get the background of the entry form for a promotion transparent ? i want to have the background image show through boxes to fill in.

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Voting contest only

I would like to run a voting contest only. We are receiving the photos and story via our website but would like the option to have fans vote and not submit anything. Will Woobox allow this?

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facebook tabs not showing in correct order

When I rearranged my tabs in my page, they show up as rearranged but when I go to view as visitor they are in the drop down. Is there a way to fix this, or is there a delay or lag, or am I stuck?

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How to share photos from a photo contest gallery to our Facebook page?

I would like all the entered photos to post to our Facebook Page. I tried to click the share link from the gallery but only had the option to share to my personal timeline.

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Instagram Photo Contest backfilling with old posts outside of comp dat...

I have set up a photo contest which pulls in entries via Instagram hashtag (#kjbadsweater) and set the start date to be June 10th. After setting the competition active, it pulled in over 200 entries from Instagram which had that matching hashtag, but...

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Tab not showing on Facebook page when viewing on mobile device

I have added a tab to my Facebook page using the WooBox Custom Tab It's a Welcome tab with a page redirect. It's working fine on the desktop you can see the tab no problem and the redirect is fine. The problem is that when I view the pag...

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How to enable fan gate

Hi, I would like to include the requirement for users to like our page before being able to vote. I understand this feature is not available on mobile, but I can't seem to enable this feature on desktop as well. In the control panel "Over...

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Watermarks to photo contest

Is it possible to automatically add a watermark with the logo of our team to users' photos in a photo contest?

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hashtags not working

Hi, I've setup and enabled hashtags on twitter and instagram but the pictures are not pulling through. Have do I need to do something special? Cheers

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