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Referral link on a poll contest

Hi team, I was playing with the Woobox poll and I want to: - ask voters to vote on some options for the chance to win a prize - receive additional entries for anyone they refer, who enters using their link. I looked up how to include a referr...

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Referral Link vs. Bonus Entries

What is the main difference between a Referral Link and Bonus Entries? And are all Referral Links going to be the same, or will they be unique per each user?

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How to change button text

Hi all, I'm trying to change the 'Check for a Reward' title and 'Get Reward' button in my reward. Can anyone offer some pearls of wisdom? Cheers, Sarah

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Video Contests vs UGC Contests

Can anyone tell me what is the difference between setting up a Video Contest and a UGC Contest? I'm confused which one should I create. Many thanks for your help!

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Voting Restrictions

Hello, is it possible for me to restrict users from voting in the video contest before they enter their information? Based on the answer to the question in, it's possible to...

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Adding a page to a plan

How do I updgrade a new page to my multi page 20k plan? There is an answer in the forum however it is out of date and no longer correct.

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Hover state on quiz answers

I am trying to change the hover state color on Quiz answers that are currently defaulted to a yellow to another. I have tried to adjust the css to target classes and id's that control it, but they do not change. Where should the css for this go ...

1 Agent Answer 1 Community Answer Aug 22, 2016 02:21PM PDT

Post merger

Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to merge 2 posts so that I can pick only one winner for a Facebook contest? As one post has an important amount of comments and the other has a lot less, I can't just pick one of both and then chose as ...

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Can you tell if winners like your Facebook page?

Is there a way to determine if winners of a promotion that you run have liked, or are already fans of your Facebook page?

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Tab pages Blank

I've just added tabs for Pinterest, Instagram and custom tab to my Etsy shop. The Instagram tab shows my posts however, the Pinterest and Etsy tab come up blank when you click on them. Have I done something wrong? Looking forward to some help...

1 Agent Answer 0 Community Answers Aug 12, 2016 07:26PM PDT