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How to allow multiple entries into a photo contest?

Hi, How do I allow multiple entries into my photo contest? Is this automatic? I want people to be able to have an additional entry every time they take a photo and use our 2 hashtags. Thanks!

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I have a few requests.

Hi there, I need help to finalize the contest customization. 1- I'm trying to update the link to official rules at the bottom of each page. I prefer to link "Official Rules' directly to our "photo contest-terms and conditions&q...

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email integration

Hello, I would like to ask is the email integration on your platform possible? When customers post their email in the offer, can they receive an automatic email, saying that they entered successfully? Is there a place where we can manage this automat...

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Fan Limit

Hello, What exactly are fan limits? We would like to run a photo contest on FB and our page have 160,00 "likes". Which plan will support our facebook page? thanks!

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Multiple photos submitted in one Facebook post are blocked

Hi there, when entrants submit several photos in one Facebook post (a montage) their photos are not added to the gallery, even though the hashtag is included. Can this be fixed? It seems natural that people will submit more than one photo so I"m...

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Video Contest Setting Facebook & IP Address Daily

I was under the impression that the Facebook & IP Address per day options would allow for voting either from Facebook or from an IP (non-facebook user). My contest is live with votes and is only allowing people to vote on Facebook, the campaign l...

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how to add an admin page?

i can't find my page in business list. i have 3 page,but it's only appear one page in business list.and i can't add can only ADD NON FACEBOOK PAGE BUSINESS. so how?maybe please tell me how do i cancel this woobox account? so i ...

1 Agent Answer 0 Community Answers Sep 06, 2017 01:23AM PDT

Tab Image on Facebook not showing

Hi. I setup 3 tabs on my Facebook: Pinterest, Tweeter and Instagram. Everything is working as intended, excepted the "Tab Image" which stays blank with only the tab name, whatever image I'm trying to include (111x74) and with diff. b...

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How to show "all gallery entries" without clicking to go to ...

How can I make it so that all entires show during a Photo Contest on one long page so that people don't have to click to go to the next page?

1 Agent Answer 0 Community Answers Aug 24, 2017 05:02AM PDT

Tabs on Facebook Pages

Hi I am trying to insert a calendar onto a Facebook page of which I am an administrator. It seems to be only letting me insert onto Business Pages. Is this correct? Thanks

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