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Promote option

What does the promote option do? When i clicked it, It brought up a Woobox permsisions page...but didn't really say what I was giving them permission to do.

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Static HTML Facebook Page Tab app- using non-securely hosted images

Woobox says about this app: If your page visitor is using SSL/HTTPS, your Woobox Custom Tab will still be shown and will use HTTPS. But some Googling led me to believe that images in css (in some cases) may still need to be hosted securely when u...

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difference between Views and Visits in Static HTML Stats

Can someone please explain me difference between Views and Visits in Static HTML Stats.. Thanks

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Problem with settiing up Coupon

I'm having a problem with setting up a coupon. On the preview section the option of the user having to enter their email address to recieve the discount code is in place however, when I have tested it on facebook page, once the user has liked a...

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Sweepstakes Non-Fan Not Showing Fangate Page on Preview

My woobox sweepstakes link is: I have set it up so that there are 3 different images: (all 3 images are uploaded) Fangate Image (with 3 steps to enter: 1. Like 2. Enter Email 3. Submit & Share) Fan Entry Page Im...

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Photo Contests

I have a photo contest running but I'd like for all the entries to visible to people on the Facebook page. I've been over the parameters of the photo contest but I can't find a way to make the photos display publicly in an album. Any ...

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Using iframe to display sweepstakes on website

I used the steps found here: Everything looks great, except the gallery. It displays fine in firefox, but in internet explorer, the contestant images...

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Text areas in photo contests

Hi, I'm trying to set up a photo contest. The problem is that if the text user submits alongside the photo is very long, you can't really see the photo because the white text is all over it. Is there any way to make the text not to be place...

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Is there anyway to check out all the contests woobox is running?

Is there anyway to access all the contests, sweepstakes, etc. that are being ran through woobox? Thanks, Nate

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Adding photos

Hi, need some help. Never used Woobox before! How do I add photos to a competition? We are adding the photos and then asking people to vote on which is the best one). I'm in the Submissions page, but can't seem to upload anything ... ...

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