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Photo Contests

I have a photo contest running but I'd like for all the entries to visible to people on the Facebook page. I've been over the parameters of the photo contest but I can't find a way to make the photos display publicly in an album. Any ...

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Using iframe to display sweepstakes on website

I used the steps found here: Everything looks great, except the gallery. It displays fine in firefox, but in internet explorer, the contestant images...

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Text areas in photo contests

Hi, I'm trying to set up a photo contest. The problem is that if the text user submits alongside the photo is very long, you can't really see the photo because the white text is all over it. Is there any way to make the text not to be place...

0 Community Answers Jan 28, 2013 07:16AM PST

Is there anyway to check out all the contests woobox is running?

Is there anyway to access all the contests, sweepstakes, etc. that are being ran through woobox? Thanks, Nate

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Adding photos

Hi, need some help. Never used Woobox before! How do I add photos to a competition? We are adding the photos and then asking people to vote on which is the best one). I'm in the Submissions page, but can't seem to upload anything ... ...

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Static html tab

Hello, I am using your app to redirect people to an external URL when they click on the tab. But, is it possible to open the link in a new window ? Thank you

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Non Fan view

When I go to check my sweepstake in Preview mode, it doesn't change the image to the FanGate image. That is, they see the same image as when they are a fan already. I swear it used to work but has stopped since I uploaded images.

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Facebook page

Hi, I am unable to edit some custom HTML i've uploaded to a Facebook page. I have 'Admin Options' to the top left of my screen but I cannot navigate anywhere. Can you please help me with a solution as to how I continue editin...

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I have a DBA type situation. We're running a promotion on our "project" fanpage. The default disclaimer tells the entrant that their information is going to be owned by the "project" and not by our company. Is there a way t...

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