Give Another User Admin Access to Woobox Contests

Last Updated: Oct 06, 2015 09:37PM PDT

If you have created a Woobox offer and want someone else within your organization to manage it, there are a few easy steps to take. They don't need your Facebook password, and you don't need to do anything special on your end. As long as they are an admin of the Facebook page, they already have access.

All they need to do is sign up at for a free account and log in. After selecting the correct business, they should be able to see any offers you have created, as well as edit them.

If you need to set up permissions to block certain people from doing certain things, just visit the Access Control panel.

If you would like someone to manage your business who is not an admin of the Facebook page associated with the business, visit the Access Control page for the business.   The access control page provides the ability to invite other admins by email as shown below.  Clicking the link in the invite email will provide access rights to the business and it's offers.