Changing the Static Tab Image

Last Updated: Jun 26, 2015 03:38PM PDT

Changing the Tab Name/Image via Woobox Dashboard

1) Go to the Static Tabs section of your Woobox account dashboard and click the green Edit Tab button for the tab you'd like to make changes to.

Step 1 - Change Tab Image

2) Click Tab Settings under the left-hand navigation menu to access the screen where you'll upload your new tab image and/or change the tab name.

Step 2 - Change Tab Image

3) Click the grey Change button under the current Tab Image preview thumbnail to select an image file to upload for your new tab image.

NOTE: Remember that the minimum size for the tab image is 111px wide by 74px tall (if the image is larger, the system will resize it automatically; but if it's smaller, you'll get an error).

You may also change the Tab Name from this screen if you'd like (just type in the text you want to display as the tab name).

After you've made the changes you wanted to, make sure to click the green Save Settings button to apply the changes you've made.

Step 3 - Change Tab Image

4) Once the changes have been saved, the page will refresh and you'll see your new tab image and/or tab name displayed in place of the old one(s).

Step 4 - Change Tab Image

5) Now, when you view your Facebook Page's favorites (list of apps/tabs), you should see the new tab image and/or name that you just set up.

Step 5 - Change Tab Image

Changing the Tab Name/Image via Facebook Page's Admin Panel

If you're having trouble changing the tab name/image through your actual Tab Settings page or from the Woobox dashboard, here's a link to a screencast that shows a different method for changing the tab image and/or name (and should get around any browser settings that typically cause these issues):

Alternate (written) Instructions from the Facebook Help Center:

How do I change the icon for an app on my Page?

To change the icon for an app on your Page:

  1. At the top of your Page, click Edit Page 
  2. Select Update Info
  3. Select Apps from the left sidebar
  4. Click Edit Settings under the name of the app whose icon you want to change
  5. Click Change next to Custom Tab Image
  6. On the next screen, click Change next to the existing image
  7. Follow the instructions that appear for uploading a new image or deleting the existing image

>For some apps, the developer has chosen not to make the app's icon customizable and you won't be able to change it.