Prize Claim App

Last Updated: Oct 10, 2017 11:55AM PDT
Picking-A-Winner from a Facebook Post is simple, click here to learn how!

After you've picked a winner you will see an option to create a "Prize Claim".

Click "Create Prize Claim"... it sets the app to a default which is ready to go live once you upgrade. If you're already upgraded click on Customize (Or even just go to your Promotions section, it'll be there for you to manage!)... you can publish it immediately if you do not want to customize it further.

This app does not contact the winner(s) nor does it post on its own. When you create a Prize Claim it takes that users ID who won and displays that winner in the app which is accessible via a URL.

If a user clicks on the URL but isn't a winner, they will be able to see the winner but won't be able to claim the prize, they will get an error.

If the user clicks on it and they did win, then they can move forward in the app process. The default data collection/entry page will look like this:

You have the ability to customize it with more form fields, adding an image, and so forth:

The prize claim app is extremely helpful in following Facebook guidelines, since they don't allow businesses to message FB users directly, while still getting information on contacting the winner.

When you've selected a winner and set up a prize claim, you can take the URL for the app and post it in a new FB timeline post, or comment on your existing contest post.

Note: Although picking a winner from a timeline post is free, our Prize Claim App is available on an upgraded subscription, as it will allow you to collect user data. If you'd prefer to only use the free service, then you may consider reading this article on contacting winners when their email or personal data is not provided to you.