UGC/Photo/Video Hashtag Only Set Up Guide

Last Updated: Mar 03, 2017 12:03PM PST
When collecting hashtag only entries and no form, your set up is very simple.

First select your choice of a photo, video, or UGC contest. (the only difference is that UGC lets you select photo, video, and/or text entries as methods of entry, during the set up process).

In this example, I've chosen a UGC and am now in the set up process.

The first step is to choose the dates you want to accept entries:

Next, turn OFF the Form Entry. If you are only accepting hashtags, you do not need a form entry.

Turn on the hashtag methods you want to accept, as well insert the hashtags you want to search for. (Note: Users have to use every hashtag term you add. Add just the word you're searching for, separate each "hashtag" with spaces only.)

The last set of options is the gallery settings. If you plan on having a gallery, turn it on and choose your settings. You can have the gallery set to separate dates than entry (check the dates to ensure they're set as you need them). Voting cannot be set to a specific start or end date, but you can either leave it off or turn it on at any time, manually. If you don't plan on having a gallery, you'll just leave it "off".

Lastly, you can leave it in admin-only mode or turn it off. If you're on a free account, you won't be able to take it out of admin-only until after you upgrade. In the meantime, you can keep setting up the offer (and even test it) before you upgrade. Click continue, to move on to customization.

After you click continue you'll end up in your gallery customization if you have a gallery turned on. There are many customization options. Check out our customization blogs for more details:

Since you don't have an entry page, you DO NOT need to customize or enable the entry page. 

If you have the gallery OFF and the entry page OFF, then all the customize pages will be disabled. Click done and/or save changes at the top if you are not customizing anything or you are just done customizing.

There are a few settings in your left sidebar that you may want to consider but that are not necessary. If you plan on sharing the URL of your offer, then you can customize the sharing information that displays when you post your offer URL. Click "Sharing" to customize. You can also install it as a tab from the "Facebook Page Tab" section. These things are only necessary if you plan on sharing or having a gallery Note: if you don't have a gallery or entry, there's no reason to install a tab.

Once you're ready to go live, upgrade if you haven't done so yet and then take your offer out of admin only mode (in your edit section).