Customizing Backgrounds, Font, Colors and More!

Last Updated: Dec 22, 2017 04:04PM PST

In your Woobox dashboard, there are a number of ways to help style and design each campaign to meet your needs. Here is a quick overview of the options to change fonts, colors and more in your promotion.

To begin, you will want to access the Customize section from the left-hand menu bar from within your campaign. From there, click Styles.

Customize, Styles

Default Font: Gives you the ability to choose from a number of fonts for your entire campaign. 
Font dropdown
Campaign Background allows you to add an image, color or both to your offer's background (you can also adjust the transparency).

Clicking on one of the page's elements will open its own, independent Backgrounds menu:
Element-specific backgrounds tab
Backgrounds added here will only affect the selected element.

There will also be a toolbar at the top of the screen for choosing fonts, font color, size, etc:
Element toolbar

Reset Styles (found under advanced options): Will clear the set styles in the campaign:
Reset Styles button