How to Create an Instagram Tab

Last Updated: Dec 11, 2014 02:49PM PST

Before you can get started with setting up your Instagram Tab, or any other Woobox apps, you'll need to log in to your Woobox account (or sign up for a free account if you haven't done so already). Once you've done that, you can get right down to business!

Step 1) Create a New Tab

Go to the Static Tabs section of your Woobox account dashboard and click the Instagram Tab tile to create the tab.


Don't see those tiles?


If you don't see the tiles depicted in the image above, you have probably already added some Static Tabs to your business page, so you'll just want to click the big green +Create a New Tab button in the upper right-hand corner, then select Pinterest Tab from the dropdown list of options.

Step 2) Instagram Username

Once you've successfully added your Instagram Tab, you'll see the Edit page of the dashboard, where you'll configure the settings for your tab to determine what content is displayed. The most important setting is the first one: the Instagram Username whose photo feed will be displayed in the tab.


How to Find Your Instagram Username


Simply go to Instagram and view your profile/feed, where you can find the Instagram Username in the URL, as shown (highlighted) in the image below. Copy that last piece of the URL (in the example below, the username is starbucks) and paste it into the Instagram Username input for your tab's settings.


Step 3) Photo Mode

Now that you've added your Instagram Username, you have a decision to make:

Option A) Show Your Own Photos

If you choose to display your account's photo feed, you'll simply need to select the My Photos option and save the changes.


Option B) Show Photos with a Specific Hashtag

If you choose to display photos with a specific tag, you'll need to input the tag (search term) that you want to use, which should be input without any hashtag/pound symbol, and must be one word only (Instagram's API doesn't support multiple term hashtag searches at this point).


Step 4) Frequent Updates

The final thing you'll want to do to make sure your tab works properly is to enable Frequent Updates by connecting to Instagram (you'll be asked to log into your Instagram account and authorize the app). If you don't connect with Instagram, the tab should still work for the most part, but updates will happen less frequently, and fewer images will be loaded within the tab.


And, last but not least, click the big green Save Settings button to apply the changes!