Customizing Your Offer’s Default Language/Text

Last Updated: Feb 28, 2017 03:52PM PST

If you want to change any of the default text used on your offer, you can do so using the built-in Language feature. This allows you to fully customize all of the text associated with the application, as we explain below.

Language Customization for your Offer(s)

This feature comes in handy for a number of situations. For example, you can replace "Enter this Sweepstakes" with any foreign language that you would like to include; or on a smaller scale, update any specific areas of text that you don't particularly like.

NOTE: You can't toggle back and forth between Languages, so once you have the text field customized, the app will only display the information that has been input into that designated text field.

Warning:Using custom code, you can translate your promotions for multiple languages in a single offer, but we don't offer this functionality by default. Click here for a demo example.

Access this section by clicking "Advanced" in the left navigation, then selecting "Language."

Common Language Customization Requests

Entry Page
Remove “Enter this Sweepstakes”

To remove the desired text from your offer, simply put a space in the designated custom text field.


Photo & Video Contests
Change Nav Button Label from “Vote” to “Gallery”
Post-Entry PageLanguage_3
Change "You are Entered to Win" to "Thank You for Entering"