Adding and Removing Businesses from your Active Subscriptions

Last Updated: Apr 27, 2017 11:36AM PDT

Our subscription packages allow you to run an unlimited amount of campaigns on any Facebook brand pages that you have admin access to.

Adding More Businesses to the Growth, Power, or Enterprise Plans

When you first upgrade your account, this adds that first business to the subscription package, but the rest of your businesses are still listed as free. The system is set up like this so you can add just the businesses that you want to host campaigns on at that time, giving you the extra flexibility to manage your participant counts based on your campaign schedule.

To activate your Growth, Power or Enterprise plan on additional pages, there are a just a few simple steps.


  1. Go to your Business Settings window and click Change Plan or "Browse All" in the Other Businesses area.

    Change Plan/Browse All

  2. From here, click the green Upgrade button to the right of the business you want to add to the plan.

  3. This will display any existing plans with capacity to add your business and allow you to add your business to the plan by clicking the blue Add to Plan button. This will not charge your card again, but rather will add the page to the plan you already have.

Removing a Business from an Active Subscription

To remove a business from your plan, from the Change Plan/Other Businesses screen, click the red "X" next to the business you want to remove, then click the red Remove Business button.
Remove business red X

Transferring a Solo Package to a Different Page

You can transfer your $30/month Solo package from one business to another by removing your current business from the plan, selecting upgrade next to the business you would like to add to the Solo plan, then clicking add business to existing plan.